FOX MUSIC USA, is an organization
dedicated to promote and disseminate the music of Latin creators, giving a possibility to both established and emerging Latin artists to open doors to international markets.

In 2004, the vision of starting the Fox Music USA Organization was obtained, considering the large number of talented Latino artists, both inside and outside the United States of America, who predominated in Mexican regional music. Great institution.

For the year 2010 already constituted in a remarkable and significant Organization in the musical market,


The possibility of granting recognitions to all those great talents was seen, being the first edition of FOX MUSIC USA AWARDS, event realized in Theater Seven of the City Of Queen; New York in 2011.

Due to the success of this competition, international competition began, the event has continued for 6 years, where we have been able to appreciate the development and professional artistic projection of many of our participants, which fills us with pride and desire to follow In the route traced.


Music unlike many other instances, has the marvelous virtue of uniting the human being, regardless of their religious creed, political position, race or nationality.